Halsey Shared ‘Important,’ Honest Photos of Their Body 3 Months After Giving Birth

Getty Images Facebook Email Pinterest Singer Halsey gave a stellar performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend but found it a little "weird" to get so many compliments on their body after appearing on the show. Halsey, who gave birth to first baby Ender in July, then shared an honest behind-the-scenes look at their postpartum … Read more

Sweater Care: How to Properly Take Care of Your Sweaters

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The 24 Best Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Person

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Lizzo Brought the Side Ponytail Back for Cardi B’s Birthday

Getty Images Facebook Email Pinterest Cardi B celebrated her 29th birthday with a dancehall-themed party on Monday, October 11 and we need to have some conversations about it. Specifically, we need to talk about Lizzo's appearance for the night. The singer, who collaborated with Cardi on their hit single "Rumors," stepped out in a glimmering … Read more

I’m Organization-Obsessed and I Swear by These 5 Hacks

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